More Tips & Tricks

What are the best tips & tricks when using your iPhone? There are several you should consider using and here are some of the best ones:

  1. Use Siri to create random passwords

Siri can help to create random passwords for you. It’s a very easy process. First,activateSiri. And say the words “random password.” You’ll then be given a password that’s an 8-alpha-numeric character one.

The next step is you can add the character length. For example, you could say “random password 16 characters.” Speaking of which many security experts recommend creating passwords with 16+ characters.

  1. Use Messages/Mail to send multiple photos

If you don’t want to add/send pics one at a time using email or messaging you can use this basic trick. It allows you to send 2+ photos at one time using your iPhone. Just have to make a few basic tips.

  1. Use shortcuts to type emoji

If you like to use emoji when messaging you might want to avoid the need to keep switching to the phone’s virtual keyboards. The good news is you can type various emoji suing alphabets shortcuts. It’s quite easy. First, go to Settings-General-Keyboard-Add New shortcut. First, enter the often-used Emoji in Phrase. Then insert the next in Shortcut that you’ll convert to an emoji.

  1. Delete typed message by undoing typing

If you get tired of clearing an SMS you wrote you can use this trick. First, shake your iPhone. Then tap ‘Undo Typing’ in order to delete the message. In the case that you change your mind afterward, you can just shake the phone again. Then tap on “Redo Typing.” That will help you to get back the original message.

  1. Turn iPhone Assistive Touch Icon On or Off fast

It’s common for iPhone users to activate the Assistive Touch to reduce the burden from their Home button. However, it could be a problem since it’s always located at the top of the screen. The good news is that there’s a way that you can switch the Assistive Touch menu icon on/off quickly.

  1. Format e-mail content

You can format your phone’s e-mail content when you write it using your iPhone. Highlight the text that you want to format. Then tap on the options arrow in order to search for the B/U button. Tap on it to pick the format you want such as Italics, Bold, or Underline.

  1. Filter groups that are able to reach you

This allows you to silence calls notifications and alerts when your iPhone is locked. On the other hand, there are important calls that you have to take and shouldn’t miss. That includes calls from your close friends or family.

The good news is you can still allow certain groups of people contact you even when you’re in the “Do Not Disturb” mode. Make sure to follow the tutorial carefully.

  1. hide Apple App icons that are unused

There are many apps that you probably don’t use or need. You can’t delete them from your iPhone but you can hide them without jailbreaking your iPhone.

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