More Facts about iPhone

How much do you know about Apple’s signature smartphone the iPhone? The mobile devices have been on the market for about a decade now yet you might be unaware of some interesting facts about the brand. Here are some of the fascinating facts:

  1. About half of iPhone owners sell their old unit when buying a new one

There are various reasons for this fact. The main one is that the phones tend to hold their value. This makes them very marketable if the phones are in good shape, and especially if they’re one of the newer models including 6/6 Plus and 6S/6S Plus. These phones tend to have the biggest market. However, there’s also a market for the small screen iPhones including the 5S and SE.

  1. The code name for the unreleased first Apple phone was PURPLE 1

Apple has a tradition of keeping the release of its new products secret until the launch date. That’s the approach it took with the iPhone as well. In fact, just 30 people knew about the iPhone before it was announced in 2007.

The main reason Apple takes this approach is to remain the top tech company. If competitors learn about its next big product then the company could risk losing it’s competitive. In fact, industry experts and consumers are waiting for the next best thing from Apple following the Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. It was rumored to be the Apple Car but it’s not clear now what the company’s next game-changing product will be.

  1. Photography has become a thing

Many people use their iPhones to take photos due to the high quality of the cameras. For example, the cameras of the 7 and 7 Plus were recently praised by photography experts due to the quality. It’s likely that the iPhone 8 will also get upgrades for the cameras since it’s the 10th-anniversary edition.

  1. iPhone became the top smartphone in 2010

Last year it captured less than 18% of the smartphone market in Q4 2016. That included sales of 78.3 million units. iOS and Android phones make up over 99% of the total smartphone market so both operating systems are still dominating the market.

It’s expected that the iPhone 8 will have big sales due to rumors of major changes to the phone’s design and functionality. This will greatly be due to it being a 10th-anniversary edition of the smartphone brand. However, it should be noted that Apple’s smartphone market share has been decreasing due to factors such as cheap Chinese phones.

  1. Apple’s data centers are switching to green power

All of Apple’s data centers will soon switch to green power. This type of trend has become more common in the tech industry. That’s because more companies are becoming concerned about the impact of their products and services on the environment. This has resulted in them taking steps like making their data centers more “green.”

These are some key facts that you might not have known about the Apple iPhone.

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