iPhone 8 News

Are you waiting for the new “iPhone 8”? Apple is reportedly developing its smartphone’s next iteration that will be launched this year and likely in September. The new smartphone will celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary so it’s expected to have major changes to its design and functionality. Here are some of the biggest rumors:

  1. Prototypes

Apple is repeatedly testing 10 prototypes of different iPhone models. For this reason, it’s unclear which features will be included in the model that’s released later this year. Another effect is that there are many rumors about the different prototypes so that makes it even trickier to guess exactly what type of handset Apple will be releasing.

  1. Design

Rumors are that the iPhone 8 will have a brand new design. Right now the top/bottom bezels include various features including the front –facing camera and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. However, rumors are that Apple will be adding an edge-to-edge display on the new phone. It’s rumored that the camera and Touch ID could actually be built into the display instead. That would eliminate the Home button.

There are a few key factors. If Apple wants to introduce wireless charging than a single sheet of glass is needed. It’s also a design that Jony Ive has hoped to introduce for many years. So there’s a good chance that it will be launched for the iPhone 8.

The end result of the edge-to-edge design is that it would provide the display size of a 5.5-inch phone on a 4.7-inch phone. The existing home button would be replaced with virtual buttons instead of physical buttons.

  1. Display

The display is reported to be flexible plastic OLED instead of LCD. This would allow Apple to introduce a thinner mobile device that uses less power and offers an improved display with a better contrast ratio and life-like colors.

The display could also include edges that are actually curved on both of the sides like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. However, it’s unclear if that’s the approach Apple will take. However, it does seem that the new iPhone will have a 2.5D display that’s slightly curved. That would be similar to the iPhone 7 that was launched last year.

  1. Body

Rumors are that Apple is moving away from the aluminum body that was used for various models including S, 5S, 6S, 7, and SE. The company might use a glass body that’s like the one that was used for the iPhone 4. It looks like 1+ models in 2017 will include a glass body based on reports from an Apple supplier. The glass will reportedly be built around a stainless steel or aluminum frame. The body is also projected to be water-resistant. However, it could have a higher water resistance rating. It’s unclear but the iPhone 8 might use an USB-C port but it’s still a rumor.

  1. Internals

The iPhone 8 is believed to have a 10-nanometer A11 chip. That would be faster and more efficient. It could include features including biometric features including facial, iris, or gesture recognition, as well as wireless charging.

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