What You Must Know About the Bikini Body Guide Program

You have been hearing a lot about the bikini body guide program designed by Australian fitness expert Kayla Itsines. This is a workout program that is expected to be a tough challenge for those that want to further drop the weight down and get their muscles toned. It is a program designed over the course of three months and is perfect for those people that really want to get the kickstart that they need to finally head through a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Total approach towards fitness

People need to understand that this is a program that is not focused merely on the workout sessions. Itsines emphasized how important it is for a person to actual go through the whole regimen while keeping in mind that goals are not achieved unless there is a proper balance to everything. This means that the workout session should be combined with proper eating and proper healthy lifestyle in order for the changes to take effect and of them to be maintained as well.

Intense and tough

People that have just started the program will find that it is indeed one tough and intense workout to follow. While they are timed for seven minutes only one can expect that all of these seven minutes are actually quite packed from the beginning to the end. These sessions are intense and the intensity is even going to ramp up every  four weeks.

Doing a of the move should be easy though even of these that have never had the chance to work out before. There are detailed instructions that are provided which makes it easier for newbies to follow through. It is important for one not to rush progress though. It is important to remember that staying fit and healthy is not a marathon that an most rush through, it is a process and it has to be an enduring one too in order for the positive changes to be maintained.

Target areas

The core is targeted through bicycles, planks, sit-ups, as well as other abdominal exercises. The arms are worked out through push-ups and other moves that are meant to target the triceps, the biceps, as well as other arm muscles. The legs are found to through squats as well as lunges very effective at burning out the leg muscles.  It also targets the glutes through the leg routine that it offers. At the same time, it works out the back through the toning that is got from the arm exercise circuit training that is introduced in the program.

What to expect

This may not be a very good program to jump into for people that are really out of shape. It is suggested that before they will go through the bikini body guide program, the should first take the time to do some pre-training. Four weeks of going through the pre-training o eve more are necessary in order to get the body ready for the rest of the regimen. Basic fitness such as brisk walking is usually good starters for the program. But for people that are already somewhat active, then going through the program should not be that much of a struggle.