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Are you looking for a site that’s all about iPhones? If so then you should visit our site. This blog provides all the news and information about Apple’s line of smartphones. We want to provide all the information you’d ever need about the smartphone produced by the world’s most valuable tech company.

This year Apple will reportedly be launching the “iPhone 8” that will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company’s smartphone series. Last year the iPhone 7 was launched with some major includes including the missing analog headphone jack. However, the company was reportedly waiting for this year’s smartphone series to unveil major changes to the design and functionality of the signature phones.

It’s been 10 years since Apple launched the original iPhone in 2007. It all started in January of that year when the company’s co-founder and ex-CEO Steve Jobs gave a keynote about his life and various new products from the tech giant including a new mobile phone.

iPhone Facts

At the time Apple had already produced two game-changing product categories. They included the Mac for computers and the iPod for music players. The company was going for the trifecta with the new iPhone. There were various features that made the iPhone revolutionary.

They included the multi-touch interface that allowed the phone to toggle quickly from pinch-to-zoom, innovative scrolling, and multi-tasking that included music, call, email, and the web. The technologies were new at the time, but over time have become common in the industry, the iphone.

There were other notablecomponents of the iPhone. They included the LCD screen, radio, Wi-Fi Bluetooth, megapixel camera, processor, 3D graphics chip, onboard RAM, battery, etc. The first iPhone also included various sensors to improve the user’s experience.

They included an accelerometer, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, and others. These were all features that made the iPhone a true game-changer in the mobile phone industry. Another key benefit of the first Apple phone was it could be synced to iTunes using the same Dock connector as the iPad.

There were some still some drawbacks for the original iPhone. For example, the phone was exclusive to AT&T and couldn’t work for two of the ”big four” carriers in the US: Sprint and Verizon. Another issue was the first iPhone didn’t have GPS or support for faster 3G data speeds.

It also didn’t have a stylus/ hardware keyboard, removable battery, or support for SD cards. However, what’s important is that Apple dealt with many of these issues in the next versions of the smartphone. Not only that but it was praised as having the most innovative user interface (UI) since the CPU mouse.

iPhone Pro Tips

The price might seem high at about $500 for the 4GB version and $599 for the 8GB version. However, it’s important to note that the prices weren’t extremely high compared to similar phones on the market during that time. Since then Apple launched several other series including the most recent 7 and 7 Plus units that were launched last year.

Our blog deals with all sorts of topics related to the iPhone. One of the biggest issues right now is news, information, and rumors about the “iPhone 8.” The model hasn’t been officially named yet but it will likely have that name. The release date also hasn’t been announced although it will likely be introduced at Apple’s yearly September event where it tends to introduce the next series of iPhones.

We have all the latest rumors about the iPhone8. It’s important to keep in mind that these are just rumors. Some of them have reliable sources and are from industry insiders. However, while some of the rumors are likely to be true when all known information about the iPhone 8 is considered, others are still up in the air. Nobody will know for certain about which rumors are true until the iPhone 8 is launched this year.

Latest News

We also have tons of information about the iPhone 7. Last year the series launched included the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Apple’s traditional naming of the users includes the next sequential number and the “Plus” model with a larger display screen. During the following year the company then usually rolls out the “S” series that tends to include two models.

There’s various information reported about the next series of iPhones. However, some of the biggest topics are the tech specs and new features. These are the main selling points of the smartphones and they’re usually what customers are looking for. It’s unfortunate but the rumor mill can be confusing sometimes due to various reports that seem to be conflicting. However, our site tries to sort things out and provide a summary of the main rumors so you’ll know which ones are likely and which ones probably have a 99% chance of being false.

Our blog encourages our visitors and members to participate in online discussions about iPhones. We cover a wide variety of issues including battery, camera, memory, screen, and several others. These are some of the biggest issues that iPhone fans try to keep up with.

The Market

It’s important that we don’t just report rumors. Instead, we try to report on iPhone rumors from the best sources. This will help to provide more legitimacy to them and will make it easier for you to sort things out.

Finally, we also include an online shop. This allows you to buy an iPhone model you’ve read about on our site. If you’ve read up on a particular model and you’ve decided it’s the right Apple phone for your needs then we want to give you the chance to purchase the phone. This is quite convenient since you won’t have to visit another site to make your purchase after reading about a particular iPhone model. This eliminates how much surfing you have to do when searching for a particular iPhone to purchase.

Our site hopes to provide you with all the information and news you need about the iPhone. That’s true for both the original model and the iPhone “8” to launch later this year.

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For the best iPhone Minecraft experiences, get the best Minecraft host

Minecraft is blowing up all over the place. In fact, a lot of kids and teenagers can’t seem to get enough of this game.

Now, it’s perfectly understandable for a lot of adults to simply be beside themselves as to what the big deal is about. After all, when you look at Minecraft and its graphics, there’s nothing to really get excited about because it’s very, very basic. I’m talking about block-type graphics.

A good analogy of this would be if you were playing video games back in the early ’90s. That’s how bad the graphics are. But for some reason or another, people are simply addicted to this game.

I guess I can see where they are coming from because Minecraft enables you to build almost anything in the game. In fact, I’ve seen people, well, at least their YouTube videos, build video games within the Minecraft video game. Now, how’s that for creative? How’s that for amazing?

That’s how flexible, scalable and versatile the Minecraft platform is. In fact, if you read up on Minecraft, a lot of the designers just look at it as a platform. It’s not necessarily a game, in and of itself, but a game environment where people can really let their imagination run wild.

If you were to play Minecraft off the shelf, so to speak, you can only go so far. The tools that are currently available, as powerful as they may be, can really interact with your imagination in so many ways.

This is where you need some sort of add-on or some sort of plug-in or enhanced experience. Thankfully, there is a tremendous amount of developers who come up with all sorts tools and guides to help people really unlock all the amazing possibilities of Minecraft’s tools.

Now, please understand that it is just a gaming platform.

In other words, it gives you a tremendous amount of tools and functionalities. The only limit, really, is your imagination. But as you can probably tell, people who just started playing the game can pretty much only play the game in so many ways until their patience runs out. After all, patience and passion can only take you so far.

This is where plug-in tools come in. And a lot of people, believe it or not, are actually hosting their own Minecraft games. This has taken the game to a whole other level because you are given a tremendous amount of customization if you are in control of the software. That’s how awesome Minecraft is. It really is a very scalable game that really taps into the human imagination in a deep, profound and very wide way. I would venture to guess that very few games are able to engage people this way.

Now, personally speaking, I wish that whoever developed this would have invested more time in graphics to make it more palatable and appealing. Be that as it may, we cannot always get what we want, but believe me, Minecraft definitely gives us what we need because if you’re looking for a robust platform, it’s there.

Setting up your own server

If you are so addicted to Minecraft that you have decided to take things to a whole other level, congratulations. Because you are actually doing what many other Minecraft die-hard addicts have been thinking of doing.

As you probably already know, hoping and wishing is not a good strategy for life. Unfortunately, a lot of Minecraft addicts are stuck hoping and wishing that they would have a tremendous amount of control over this game by serving their own games. That’s right. They would get a server, install Minecraft on it, so people all over the world, as well as their friends and family members, can play Minecraft in a very uncontrolled and truly mind blowing way.

Well, unfortunately, most people can hope and dream, but despite the nice emotional rush and sense of possibility and adventure doing these things bring to the table, most people let life get in the way. You know what I’m talking about. You have other duties and responsibilities and obligations. So as much as these dreams really inspire you, they still remain in your mind.

You, on the other hand, have decided to actually take action, so I congratulate you. You are a one in a thousand person. You really are.

Now that you have decided to actually host your own Minecraft game on your own server, the question turns to: “How do you find the best Minecraft host?” This is why we suggest that you use an iPhone Minecraft app to really feel out the different hosts out there. has a lot of apps on offer. Most of these are free. Feel free to download them and check them out. Play Minecraft on them. Feel your way around and see the distinct quality differences between different hosting platforms.

Now, you may be thinking that hosting companies are pretty much one and the same. You might even be thinking that if you’ve seen one, you have seen them all. Well, that is a mistake because if you are thinking of truly unlocking the Minecraft experience, you need to get the very best host.

Click here to get more information about finding the best Minecraft host for your system. It takes a little bit of legwork, so feel free to roll up your sleeves and get ready to do some research. You have to be ready, willing and eager to burn the midnight oil so you can find the very best server.

You have to understand that server scalability is crucial. It’s one thing for the server to perform really well when you only have 100 players. Can you imagine it performing at the same level if you have 10,000 players? Do you see how this works? So think scalability, think long term, and that’s how you will find the very best host for your project.

How can iphone apps tell you if you need to remove urine stains from carpet


If you have any kind of carpeting in your home and you have pets, you do know that this can be a very unfortunate combination. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to figure this out. When you have dogs or cats walking around any kind of interior space in the house, it’s only a matter of time until they meet with an accident.

Don’t blame your pet. Please understand that your four legged companion, regardless of how well trained and disciplined it is, can and does have accidents from time to time. That’s just mother nature for you. Instead of worrying about this, be prepared for it.

I’m not just talking about making sure that your pet constantly goes to the bathroom in a certain part of your home. This makes clean up and maintenance all that much easier. It definitely take a lot of guess work out of cleaning up after your pet. The last thing that you want to do is basically play some sort of game where you’re playing detective and you’re trying to find where the urine spots are. Solid waste is very easy to deal with because it’s all in one place and the smell pretty much clues you in on where to clean up. Not so with urine, especially when it dries up and starts to stain.

What’s really challenging about this is the fact that when pet urine stains form, they really don’t stain all that much. Sometimes, it takes several layers of urine deposits for the stain to become noticeable, but this is also a problem because by that point, it makes it all that much harder for you to remove the stain.

The key here is to figure out a way how to detect urine stains on your carpet as soon as possible. Thankfully, you only need to use your iphone. There are several iphone flashlight apps that would enable you to see the slight color variation between one particular spot on your carpet or rug and the other areas. This is as close to a full proof way of finding urine stains that you can get. The other approach, of course, would be for you to get on all fours and sniff your carpet. Not only can this get uncomfortable very quickly, but it also can get quite annoying. Most people don’t really have the luxury of time or patience to do this.

Nothing is more comfortable and convenient than turning off the lights, walking through the carpeting of any interior space and flashing your iphone flashlight apps on the carpet. Make no mistake about it. If you’re serious about trying to remove stains from carpet patches or carpeted ares, you need to use your mobile phone. It’s quick, safe and effective. It doesn’t take much time and preparation. Just make sure you download the right iphone apps.

The best thing about this is usually, these apps don’t cost anything. That’s right. They’re absolutely free. Download those apps. Make sure you have turned off your lights and there’s enough of a contrast between the darkness and your flashlight so you can see the slight gradation between the urine stains and the rest of the carpet.

Here’s a little bit of a tip. Please understand if an area start getting urinated on that the contrast wont be that clear. The more of the stains you find, the more you train your eye. You will eventually start noticing patterns and things would become easier for you. It doesn’t quite jump out at you at first. This is not something that is super easy to spot. But if you are serious about trying to remove urine stains from carpet patches and carpeted areas, you will eventually see patterns. Things will fall into place and this would become easier over time.

Use these iPhone apps to show off your Twin Vew vistas

Twin Vew condominiums in Singapore is one of the hottest residential properties in that city state – bar none.

If you understand Singapore real estate, you would quickly realize that it really is involved in a race to the heavens as far as quality is concerned. This is quite remarkable considering the fact that, in most markets, it’s usually the other way around.

I’m sorry to report that in most real estate markets, it’s a race to the bottom. There are many different developers out there trying to come up with cheaper units because they’re trying to reach the widest market possible.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality has to suffer, but hey, let’s get real here. Usually, you get what you pay for. As the old saying goes, if you’re paying peanuts, don’t be surprised if you attract monkeys.

The same applies to real estate property. There is some tight correlation between the amount of dollars you pay and the property that you end up with.

With that said, in Singapore, the normal rules governing any kind of real estate market is simply upended. There’s really no other way to describe it.

Take the case of Twin View condominiums. Since there is very little real estate left in Singapore, you can bet that when old buildings are torn down, the new structure is far and away going to be superior. This is definitely the case with Twin View.

There are more and more expats and corporate employees trooping to Singapore every single year. Since premium living space in Singapore gets saturated very quickly, it’s easy to see why many global real estate investors love this city-state. While nobody can really say any particular market is a ‘no lose’ or slamdunk investment, Singapore’s real estate market history definitely gives people quite a bit of reasons to get excited. Not only will your self-liquidating Singapore asset pay for itself, chances are high that you won’t need to look far and wide for renters. There is such a robust local and global market for units that vacancy rates are fairly low. Units go fast. Also, what better way to enjoy the distinct charms as well as amazing business and professional opportunities Singapore has to offer than your very own premium residential unit in one of the best locations on this island city state. No wonder, new premium condo units sell out really quick!

If you have locked in and gotten your own unit at this amazing condominium complex, showcase it to yourself and to the world by using iPhone apps like camera apps as well as Instagram to showcase the amazing vistas you get to enjoy from your unit.

If you think Singapore is awesome at the ground floor level, you have another thing coming to see it from up above. It truly is breathtaking.

Not only should you highlight your personal style and elegance, but with the right iPhone apps, you would be able to hang on to these amazing memories.

Mobile SEO is crucial to your company’s success

For the longest time, mobile SEO was just another buzz word in the global search engine optimization community. It’s one of those concepts that people know they should pay attention to, but really didn’t feel compelled to devote as much resources and effort and time to because there’s just so many other things to take care of.

As you already know, SEO changes quite a bit and company’s visibility can suffer or benefit greatly. In fact, it all seems quite random. It doesn’t really matter how big or small your company is. Nobody is immune to these fluctuating changes in search engine visibility.

Well, Google actually went out of its way to publicize that websites which are not mobile friendly will get penalized. As you can well imagine, this really lit a fire under people’s butts. From all four corners of the globe, people got excited and interested in mobile SEO overnight. Make no mistake, mobile SEO is not an option.

You have to make sure that your website can be found easily using a mobile device. This should be at the top of your priority list. Why? Well, according to recent estimates, up to 70% of all online visitors access the internet through a mobile device. It doesn’t really matter whether we’re talking about a tablet, a mobile phone or something in between. The majority of Web users aren’t using desktops, laptops or notebook computers to access the internet anymore.

In fact, according to these same estimates, the percentage of mobile web access will continue to rise in the future. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t going to be accessing the internet through desktops, laptops and notebooks. They will always use those devices, but in terms of percentage share, that aspect of the market will drop. This means that people are actually accessing the internet more every single day. The absolute numbers are just blowing up. But in terms of percentages, it is a foregone conclusion: It is and will be a mobile game.

Do yourself a favor and position your company for this reality. It’s not even a prediction anymore. This is something happening in the here and now. If you want your company to be successful regardless of whether you have a purely local business or a national or even global sales ambition, you need to get on-board.

You need to make sure you hire the best SEO company in Auckland, New Zealand if you are a kiwi company. Find the right company to give yourself a fighting chance. A crucial part of this is mobile SEO. There are no two ways about it. This is an absolute necessity. You can’t settle for second best.  That’s how high the stakes are.

We at Chitime understood this several years back. That’s why we have set up our website to be fully mobile compliant. It doesn’t matter how small or big your device’s size may be. You can see the very best version of this site on your device. Make sure your website has that same ability.

Step Up Your Acoustic Guitar Skills with your iPhone

A lot of people would think that for them to use their iPhones to boost their guitar skills, they just need a guitar tab app. Just as some mobile apps teach you how to play the piano by simulating a piano keyboard, you can also play the guitar using these tab-simulation apps. These are quite helpful and can definitely go a long way in helping you practice wherever you may be. You can be in the subway waiting for your train stop while playing with your guitar training app using these tabs. Of course, you have to set the volume low.

Besides this, you can use your iPhone to take a video of you actually playing guitars. There’s a trick to this. You shouldn’t just take video footage of this. Everybody can do that, and you really cannot learn just from raw video footage you’ve taken of yourself. There are lots of things happening in live action footage. It’s hard to focus on your fingers and whether you are using the right tabs at the right time. Chances, the video might be blurry in certain key parts. This prevents you from troubleshooting. You don’t get the angles you need to get a clear handle on whatever it is you are doing wrong.

You have to take still shots of your fingers’ positioning on your guitar. This is the best way to do things. It might seem like a hassle. And it definitely can be quite inconvenient. Still, by using your mobile phone’s camera, you might be able to tighten up your playing skills bit by bit. It might not seem like much progress at first but a little bit of attention to detail can go a long way. You just need to be committed and consistent for you to achieve amazing improvements in your playing quality and style. If other people can do it, you can do it too.

This is the key. Your iPhone can definitely come in handy because by taking still shots of you going through the fretting or the different tabs, you can then compare your finger positioning. This is crucial whether you are playing a piece of music that you already know backwards and forwards or you are exploring a new set of guitar tabs, it helps to have some sort of frame of reference. By comparing with, you can get a good idea of how well your guitar-playing skills can be.

You should also check out not just for their tabs but also for their listings of amazing acoustic guitars. You can, of course, easily access this website by simply using the Safari browser on your iPhone.

Make no mistake about it your mobile can definitely be a key asset in your efforts at trying to master the intricacies of the acoustic guitar. It’s not easy to master but it is easy to start. The good news is the more you keep at it, the better you will get. It’s only a matter of applying yourself and putting in the time.

Use Your Phone’s Camera to Determine the Molding Your Home Needs

It’s interesting to note that when people look at the interior of their homes, they only pay attention to the furniture. You really can’t blame them because, after all, the furniture is the first that comes to mind. Furniture does have a way of grabbing people’s eyeballs and becoming the center of attention. After all, thanks to the size, positioning as well as the type of material that covers a piece of furniture, you can’t help but sit up and pay attention. In most cases, you’re probably sitting on a piece of furniture.

The same applies to the paint that goes on the walls. When you are walking through some sort of interior, it’s basically easy to determine the color of the walls. Now, this is not just a simple detail that you take note in passing. In fact, it plays a big role in the mood that the room generates. That’s right. The mood does play a big role in the kind of mood people have, and this is traced to the coloring or shading of the wall.

Despite all of these, it’s really easy to overlook the importance of small molding details. These are the moldings on the side of the ceiling as well as on the floor. They can come in a wide range of materials. They can be wood. They can be composite materials, even plastic or plastic composite.

Since they are all over the place, they tend to hide in plain sight. That’s right. When you scan around the room, you can see all sorts of details but completely miss out on the molding. Now, this is not an empty detail. If you were to strip out all the molding in an interior space, you can bet that you will somehow, some way at some time, figure it out. You may not quite be able to put your finger on what exactly is missing.

However, you can walk around to the room and explored the interior with a deep and profound sense that something is off, something is unusually different about the room compared to other rooms. Again, you really can’t quite spell it out, but something is missing.

This highlights the importance of molding, sheet molding and other molding options in an interior. Sure, they may be like an extra in a movie but you can bet that a movie, especially a group scene without extras, is going to come up lacking. There’s just going to be something off about that scene. The same applies to any kind of interior or even exterior without the right kind of molding.

Pay better attention to this. This is why you should use your phone to take pictures of interiors that you’re about to redecorate or renovate. By taking these interior photos with your iPhone or any kind of photography app, you can go a long way in making sure that no details are overlooked.

To get the right kind of information regarding molding, molding design and composites, get additional information at Romeorim. This website will give you the inside scoop regarding composite materials and additional options you may have. Make sure to take advantage of the additional information at Romeo RIM because it can definitely go a long way in ensuring your interior space looks its very best. You’d be surprised as to how useful your iPhone’s camera can be in helping you capture the right information so you can make truly informed decisions.

How can Your iPhone Help You Decide Whether to Go Solar or Not?

Let’s get one thing clear. If you want to switch over to solar energy, you have to do your homework. There’s really no other way around this because simply taking other people’s word regarding solar might cost you a lot of money. Solar is not exactly cheap. While the price of solar energy has gone down quite a bit in recent years, it still has a way to go. Everybody knows this.

While it is quite tempting to go solar, you have to make sure that you live in the right place. Thankfully, your iPhone can help you decide to go solar. One of the key factors that you need to keep a laser focus on is to figure out exactly how sunny your part of the world is. Solar energy, of course, requires a lot of direct sunlight. The more sunlight your place gets in a 24-hour period, the more it makes sense for you to go solar.

This is not always easy to find out. You have to determine this with exact position. By using your iPhone to access a solar angle calculator, you can go a long way in getting the information you need to make this crucial call. Make no mistake about it considering the fact that it often takes thousands of dollars to convert to solar, you have to make sure you are making the right decision.

Make sure your make your decision based on hard facts. Don’t just go with your hunches or gut feelings or intuitions. These often lead to all the wrong decisions and choices. Focus on hard facts instead.

By determining the angle of your particular geographic location as far as solar energy is concerned, you can quickly determine whether it makes sense to go solar in your part of the world. Make no mistake about it just by using your iPhone’s Safari or Google Chrome browser, you can quickly figure out through an online solar angle calculator whether your place gets enough sun.

Please note that this solar angle determination is static. You can’t just move around and hope to have an accurate reading. You have to be clear on where you are. You have to feed the online resource or calculator the right information. Feed good info and you get the right information. Feed the wrong kind of information and it is anybody’s guess if your angle will be the most accurate and most efficient one. Just make sure you feed the right information into the online calculator. It really doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Take this along with your phone for truly awesome road trip vacations

If you, your friends and family members are big on road trip vacations, you are hardly alone. There’s just something about hitting the wide open roads that really ignite the sense of freedom everybody has deep down inside. There’s nothing more exciting than having an endless canopy of sky above your head as you stare down that road that seems to go on forever. At the end of the trip of course is an amazing view. Whether we’re talking about a placid lakeside dotted with amazing evergreen trees on both ends, or a hauntingly beautiful desert landscape with the moon so big and solemn slowly sinking on the horizon.

Whether you’re going on a long or short trip, it doesn’t matter. If you truly want your road trip vacations to be both amazing and memorable, you need to invest in the right equipment.

Bringing your phone is crucial.

Your car or RV or van or truck’s GPS and security systems can only go so far. Your phone offers a primary level of protection and security. Calling for help, looking up stuff on the internet and otherwise finding the right resources can get you out of many tough spots. You probably don’t need to be reminded of what could possibly go wrong when you go on a long road trip vacation. You’re already aware of the pitfalls and problems that can appear.

Do yourself a big favor and make sure you bring your phone along with the best pop up canopy you can find. Why a pop-up model? It doesn’t really matter whether you’re going to a place where there’s a lot of water, or shade or a lot of sun. As long you’re going to be exposed to the elements, your skin, as well as your hair and nerves are going to take quite a bit of a beating.

Sure, you’re right out there in the middle of the wilderness and might look really pleasant, but it’s anybody’s guess when the elements will turn against you. If you think that things don’t have a way of going south, you have another thing coming. You probably haven’t gone out on enough road trips. Mother nature can be quite fickle.

So why leave anything to chance? Make sure you find the best pop up canopy that fits your budget as well as your transportation space capabilities and bring it along for the ride. You’d be surprised as to how awesome this piece of camping equipment can be. When you put it up, everybody has a good time cause they all get the right amount of shade. They don’t have to squeeze into a tight, well shaded spot. Everybody has their own share of nice, free-flowing air and they all have a good time. This is especially true if you brought along a keg or canned beers.

Do yourself a big favor and bring your phone and the right pop-up canopy. You’ll thank yourself for it later on. On this website, we have listed a tremendous directory of different camping related or outdoor related apps. Check out those apps cause they may be able to give you the proper guidance and information you need to truly take your next road trip vacation to the next level.

Use mobile apps to track your home’s heat for optimal warmth distribution

If you’re reading this in the middle of winter, you already know what the problem is. If you have a typical fireplace, chances are it’s not distributing the heat in your living room or main room to other places in that room. We’re not talking about heat exchangers that transfer heat from room to room. We’re talking about just simply distributing the heat in an enclosed space.

As you can imagine, this can be a serious problem. You wouldn’t want your room to be scorching hot on one spot and frigid cold in the others. Sadly, this is the way most homes are set up thanks to the lack of proper equipment. Heat exchangers can definitely help distribute warmth in an enclosed space, but you can’t just rely on them alone. You have to make sure that you truly need this piece of equipment.

You also have to make sure whether this heat transfer option is the very best for your set of circumstances. You might be better off with a different option, or you might need special types of heat exchangers. Unfortunately, there’s no way to truly answer this unless you do some heat tracking. You have to take initiative. You can’t just say it’s cold on one spot and hot at another.

You need documentation and active tracking. This is why you should use your iPhone to track your home’s heat. There are lots of trackers out there and you don’t really need anything fancy. While you can’t use your phone as a thermometer, you can use it to record the heat levels from one spot to the next. You can just make notations on a standard notepad or note taking app.

As long as you can correlate distance, location and time, you should have a fairly good working map of an internal space’s heat distribution. Once you’re able to get that kind of data, you can then make strategic decisions as to what type of accessories or equipment you need to ensure proper warmth distribution. By simply choosing to record and track this type of information, you actually position yourself to save quite a bit of money.

The last thing that you want is to blow a tremendous amount of cash for something that you don’t need. Talk about an overreaction. It’s like burning down your house to get rid of ants or to kill a few mice.

Do yourself a favor and do a little bit of tracking using mobile apps like notepads. You’d be surprised as to what you’d find and this can help you make a truly informed decision as far as options, gear and equipment are concerned. We have listed a tremendous range of note taking apps on this website. Factor in your specific needs, in this case, warmth distribution tracking, when making your selection. Since we have laid out all the possible options available on the iPhone, making the right decision shouldn’t be that hard. Do yourself a favor and take proactive steps.

By taking the initiative, you go a long way in picking the right solution to solve your particular heat distribution problems.

Instagram and other apps can give you the best beard styling options

If you’re looking for top notch beard styling, You can’t be blamed for assuming you only need to check out Grooming Adepts and other high quality beard styling idea websites. Most people who are into stylish beards would check out those websites first. But, there’s no such thing as too many ideas.

If you’ve been sporting a beard all this time, you know that it’s very easy to look scraggly and your beard looks like it could use a little bit more life. It’s not uncommon for guys for guys to go from one style after another and still feel dissatisfied.

If you think your hairstyle is an expression of your values, priorities, lifestyle, and overall personality, how much more your beard? Unfortunately, beard styling involves more than just wearing it long or short, scraggly or finely trimmed. You can even wax it and it still may not make you look your very best.

The only limit to male facial hair styling is one’s imagination. This is why it’s always a good idea to use your mobile phone to give you the inspiration you need to look your very best. By simply installing Instagram, Pinterest and other graphics heavy mobile applications, you can go a long way in getting the inspiration or the push you need to truly take your facial hair styling options to the next level.

There’s an old joke among women. The joke instructs the women to look at their man and pay attention to their face and their hair. The punchline? That’s going to be your mans style for the next 50 years. Now this joke won’t be as funny if it didn’t pack a lot of truth. If you look at the typical dude, chances are he looks the way he looks now 20 or even 30 years ago. The older you get, the more likely you will suffer from this condition.

Now that we live in the age of Instagram, there’s really no excuse to run out of styling ideas. The great thing about hair, whether it’s on your face or on the top of your head, is that it will eventually grow out. If you adopt a style that you’re not happy with because it doesn’t quite reflect who you truly are, don’t worry about it. Even if you were to apply all sorts of oils or coloring to your hair, don’t beat yourself up that you made the wrong styling choice. Your hair will grow out and you will have another chance.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys don’t take this chance and they just stick with whatever hairstyle they have. If you were unfortunate enough to grow up when Justin Beiber was just getting big, you might still have a classic Beiber haircut. That hairstyle that is so 10 years ago? You might still be stuck with that.

Do yourself a big favor. If you have a beard, insist on the very best beard styling. This is why you have to check out grooming adepts and other styling websites and as well as YouTube channels. You should also open your mobile apps like Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to get the very best facial hair styling trends. You don’t necessarily have to copy and paste.

By getting the right idea and jogging your imagination and, you can come up with a look that is distinctly you. The great thing about the mobile apps that we feature here is that we keep you up to date regarding all sorts of social media platforms. Whether you’re looking for videos or photos, you can bet that you will get the first word here. Download and install these apps and get the styling ideas that you need to take your beard to a whole other level.

How Your Phone Can Help You Find the Best Sewing Machine

If you’re in the market for a sewing machine, you probably are thinking that you only need to go with word of mouth. Unfortunately, this is not going to help you all that much. Seriously. If you’re just going to go by referrals, chances are you’re always going to be a day late and a buck short. It’s not uncommon for friends to get all excited about their buddies’ sewing machine reviews but when they actually buy the recommended products, they can’t help but feel disappointed.

It would be nice if this happens rarely but unfortunately, it happens all the time. In fact, it takes place like clockwork. What’s going on here? Why is simply asking for referral not going to cut it? It’s actually quite obvious. Different people have different needs. We all have different experiences. We look at the world very differently. We come from different walks of life. Accordingly, our needs are different.

Sure, in big picture terms, we probably need to solve the same problems using the same products. But that’s where all the similarities end. While we could agree on the need for a sewing machine, there are many different situations where you need one particular model over another. A lot of this gets lost in translation. This is why a lot of people cannot just rely on sewing machine reviews and call it a day. It would be nice if it were that easy.

You have to be more proactive. Believe it or not, your phone can help you find the best sewing machine because if you are surfing online or visiting one online store after another, you probably would come across different sewing machine ideas. You can then do searches for reviews of those models and as you go through these models, they often cross-reference other models. As you go through these reviews and try to square them with your particular needs, eventually you will find a model that truly addresses the questions you have.

Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight. It is not as easy as just getting from point A to point B, but you can get the answer that you are looking for. It all boils down to being open-minded. It also helps if you have different review apps loaded on your iPhone. At Chaitime, we have really gone out of our way to produce a wide range of reviews, featured articles, as well as stories involving a wide variety of apps.

Do a search for the particular e-commerce category or product category you’re interested in to see apps that have features that are directly related or somewhat related. By appproaching your product search this way, you increase the likelihood of actually getting the product that addresses the problems you’re trying to solve. Simply relying on other people’s best guesses is simply not enough.

It really all boils down to what makes sense in your particular situation. After all, your friends don’t have the same set of circumstances as you. They may have very low-level needs while you may be looking for something heavier duty. Focus on what makes sense in your particular situation for you to make the right call.

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place because Chitime has a tremendous amount of resources that list out e-commerce sources as well as product search apps which can help you get the answer you’re looking for.

Keep Your Beard in Top Shape with the Right iPhone Apps

If you’re looking for the best look for your beard, you really need to invest in the right beard oils. Sure, a lot of the right trim and style can go a long way but if you really want your full man-beard or your neck beard to look shiny and distinctive, you have to get oily. There really is no other way around it.

A lot of guys swear that they can maintain their beard using totally dry solutions but if you want that distinctive look, you need to apply the right mix of wax and oil and trim your beard right. This combination ensures that you present your beard in the very best light possible every single time.

It’s one thing to get the right equipment and supplies to help your beard look its very best. You can get these from online beard maintenance and styling resources like Primitive Outpost. Unfortunately, a great-looking beard is not just the product of great products. Sure, there are tremendous amounts of waxes, oils and trimming materials out there, but they make up just part of the picture. There are many pieces to this jigsaw puzzle.

It really all boils down to the style that you want. You have to remember that your beard is just like a haircut. You can style it whatever way you want. Your beard style is as much a reflection of your personality, values and priorities as your haircut. Sure, a lot of people traditionally look at a person’s hairstyle as a reflection of that person’s lifestyle, world view and everything and anything that makes that person distinctive.

The same applies to your beard and it really would be sad if you just rely on beard oils and beard accessories. While these facial hair products can go a long way in helping you look good, understand that there is a lot more to the equation. It really all boils down to imagination and creativity. Everybody’s different. Everybody has different experiences. We definitely all have different personalities.

It really would be quite sad when guys who are into that awesome beard look all end up sporting the same beard style. This is why you need to use the right iPhone apps to get the right idea to make your beard look distinctive.

You’re probably not using all these Primitive Outpost products to make your beard stand out just for the sake of standing out. You’re probably not just a person who’s out to grab that spotlight and look like the flavor of the day. Instead, you are looking for a distinctive statement that highlights what is different with you in your point of view.

If that’s the case, then it’s a good idea to install Instagram, Pinterest and other graphics-heavy iPhone apps. By searching for the right hashtags involving beard styles, you can get the inside scoop on what is trending. This doesn’t mean that you just have to copy and paste what’s hot and what’s trending out there. Instead, get inspired. Look at how you can tweak things to truly make a distinctive personal statement.

That’s how you can use these great apps to find ideas that you can truly make your own. Chaitime has an extensive iPhone app listing that includes a tremendous amount of graphics-heavy social media platforms. Start with these. These are heavily focused on videos and pictures. Accordingly, you should be able to find the right graphical ideas to take your beard style to a whole other level.

Can Your Mobile Phone Help You Save Money on Auto Spare Parts? 

Auto spare parts are usually not the first thing people think about when they download mobile apps. In fact, when they’re browsing through the internet, the last thing they think about is getting a new fender or a replacement side window for their cars. But you know and I know that it only takes one bad accident or worse yet, people breaking into your car for you to start thinking of auto spare parts.

The last thing that you want to think about is to go to the dealer and pay a lot of money for brand new original equipment manufacturer parts. This is why a lot of people have discovered that they can, through the comfort and convenience of their mobile phone, get quality auto spare parts from places like 247 Spares and other online auto spare parts warehouses.

The great thing about these websites which you can easily and comfortably access from your mobile device whenever you want and wherever you are is that they give you a tremendous amount of selection without burning a hole through your pocket. You read that right. You can say goodbye to the expensive prices that you normally would be charged at original equipment or official dealer websites. Why spend money you don’t have when you don’t have to?

The great thing about 247 Spares’ similar online automotive spare part stores is that they are optimally formatted for quick and comfortable shopping regardless of how you access them. That’s right. Even If you are using your iPhone or your Android mobile device, you would still be able to navigate the site easily and order very quickly.

There is no guesswork. You don’t have to keep resizing the page. You don’t have to go through the hassle of quickly scrolling and messing with popup windows. These online spare part emporiums are easy to navigate and read. It’s bad enough that you’re going through a really tough time with your car situation. Maybe people broke into your car and stole parts. Maybe you got into an accident and you need to repair certain parts. Perhaps certain important assemblies broke down.

Whatever your particular situation may be, ordering online through your mobile phone helps you weather that ordeal much faster. It has become less of a headache, thanks to online spare parts warehouses, catalogs and stores. With that said, make sure that your mobile phone processes and renders these websites correctly.

It helps to have the latest version of Chrome or Safari on your phone. It also helps to make sure that your phone browser’s plugins, if any, are updated. By making sure that you have the latest version, you guarantee yourself a smooth shopping experience when going through these online auto parts warehouses. The last thing that you want is to find the part that you want but have to go through to quite an ordeal just to order it.

Believe it or not, there are badly updated or badly formatted sites and mobile browsers that really get in the way of smooth e-commerce. At Chaitime, we go out of our way to help you become aware of the latest app updates out there for the iPhone. By ensuring that your iPhone is properly updated and optimized, we aim to help you enjoy the very best e-commerce experiences.

How to Use iPhone Apps to Turbocharge Your YouTube Vlog Channel

Did you know that the right iPhone apps can help turn your YouTube personal video blog into a success? I know it sounds hard to believe since there is a tremendous amount of competing video channels out there. The good news is most people who put up a channel quickly forget about it. Either they make videos that have nothing to do with their initial target niche or they just lose interest altogether.

Kim Dao is a YouTube beauty video blogger from Australia. She has achieved quite a following teaching people from all over the world the ins and outs of beauty, makeup, as well as product reviews. She is originally from Australia. She now lives in Japan and we are treated to an inside look on what life is like in Japan. Kim Dao traces a lot of attributes, a lot of her success, to certain iPhone apps that enabled her to put out better content.

For example, by paying attention to what’s hot on Instagram, she produces content people are truly interested in. By taking note of hot beauty product trends on Pinterest, thanks to that platform’s iPhone app, Kim is on top of the latest breaking trends in the world of beauty products. This is one particular product category that is very finicky. People change tastes overnight. It’s like people are in love with a product one day and completely fall out of love with it the next day. That’s just how fickle trends can be in this particular niche. As you can probably tell, ‘disappearing’ or bored audiences are kryptonite to video talents like Kim, Pewdiepie, and others. They have to make sure they are delivering just the right type of content to their audiences or other up and coming video talents are sure to gun for their following. Talk about competitive! You have to stay in front of the curve or you might just not be able to recover if your competitor scoops up your audience.

Using Instagram and Pinterest also enables video creators on youtube, vimeo, and other social video platforms to find ‘gray areas’ of demand. These are niches or sub-niches their audiences might be interested in which don’t have too many videos. These are golden opportunities because if the competition isn’t already saturating these, these can be easily dominated by a vlogger willing to put in the time to create content for these. Again, hashtags and other social media signals can give would be vloggers and video content publishers the information they need to spot key content opportunities.

Kim Dao is able to stay on top of this fast-changing and very trendy niche, thanks to these two amazing iPhone apps. If you want to achieve the same kind of success, make no mistake about it. The apps that you use on your phone can give you pretty much all the trend tips you need to stay ahead of the curve. You need to stay distinctive. You need to produce quality content and having the right apps on your iPhone can definitely help.

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